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Aromatic Avian Owl Diffuser Necklace

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  • Perfect to use with essential oils
  • Classic antiqued silver look
  • On-the-go aromatherapy
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Pair your favorite essential oils with your new favorite avian necklace so you can smell and look exactly as beautiful as you feel!

Do you get a bit stressed?

Add a few drops of lavender to the soft, spherical diffuser that sits gently inside your owl pal necklace.

The calming aroma will lighten your steps and relieve your tension throughout the day.

What about that little extra oomph needed to get you through a long afternoon? Add a few drops of your eucalyptus oil to the spherical diffuser and you’ll feel invigorated and refreshed all day long!

The power of aromatherapy is now convenient wherever you go with this 2″ x 1.2″ owl charm on a 27.5″ chain. Not only is this owl friend fashionable, its aromatic healing powers are seriously life-changing.

This is the owl necklace we have all been waiting for!

Essential oils are sold separately so you can customize your necklace to fit your needs and outfits!

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