Owl Pals


  • Perfect addition to your home
  • One (1) randomly selected Owl Pal
  • Hand-painted
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The perfect whimsical addition to your life has just arrived!

Add character and fun to your shelves and gardens with a cute Owl Pal.

Each owl comes with his or her own special personality to grace your space.

Your Owl Pal will keep a watchful eye over your home and garden while you’re away. And while you’re home, if you listen really carefully, your new owl friend might whisper owl secrets to you.

After all, you two are destined to be best pals!

Since each of these owls is unique, we can’t possibly decide which owl buddy goes where! They decide for us! That means you will get one random Owl Pal in your order (think of it like destiny!).

Each of these four adorable figurines is lively enough to hop into whichever box calls out to it.

Though the choice isn’t yours, these owls have a knack for sensing where they’re needed most.

Try to collect the whole gang; they might get lonely without their sisters and brothers! Name them, make up stories for them, love them like your family! We offer a 60-day money back guarantee and free worldwide shipping for your convenience!

Please note: this listing is for one (1) randomly selected Owl Pal, not a set of four.

Dimensions 1.4 x 1.4 x 1.4 in


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