Owlet Buddies Owl Figurines


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If your days are running together and life seems especially boring, then it’s time to make a change!

But before you do anything too drastic, try embracing your cutesy side with an individually crafted miniature owlet figurine.

Your friends won’t be able to get enough of these adorable statues!

Quirkily outfitted in winter hats, the stylish Owlet Buddies are the perfect statement piece for your home.

Do you know someone whose home could use a touch of whimsy? How about a friend who isn’t quite ready to commit to a pet fish or dog?

Whether these darling owlets are seasonal decorations or yearlong shelf-sitters, they will evoke a balance of blissful vibes and creative energy as they make themselves at home.

Make up names and silly stories about these owl characters; give their lives meaning and they will bring meaning to yours!

With free worldwide shipping and a 60-day money back guarantee, you can be sure to collect the whole owl gang, easy-peasy!


Spotty (red cap, white dots), Wren (red cap, white zigzags), Sybil (blue cap, white zigzags), Jade (green cap, white dots), Indi (blue cap, white dots), Set of all 5 Owlet Buddies


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