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The Parliament Owl Wall Clock

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  • Requires one (1) AA battery (not included)
  • 12″ diameter
  • Quartz movement for superb timekeeping
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This owl wall clock depicts five feathered friends to represent the whole family! If you look closely, you can see how close this owl bunch really is to one another.

The owl parents have their watchful wide-eyes on their innocent babes, how adorable!

This wall clock even has the minutes written discreetly, so you can help your little ones tell time too!

Wall clocks are so underrated! When you are on the go, go, go, there’s no time (pun intended!) to pull out your phone every five minutes to make sure you’re on schedule! A quick glance at a wall clock can save you from those pesky distractions. And what better wall clock than one as colorful and happy as this family-centered cutie?

This owl wall clock is powered by only one AA battery, not included. It comes with a notch in the back for easy hanging, just add nail or hook to your wall!

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