Wide-Awake Owlets Mugs


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After the first cup of coffee, the wisest words are spoken. And what better way to drink those wise words than with the help of the wisest woodland creature?

The crafted ceramic buddies come in a variety of colors that suit every personality.

These owl mugs are so cute, it seems almost a crime to limit them only to coffee.

Drink tea, soda, milkshakes, water, juice, and magical potions from these endearing owl buddies. They are individually crafted for the individual in you!

These woodland pals will share their personalities with you as you spend your days together.

Don’t fret at whatever crosses your path with these owl mugs around. They are as loyal to you as you are to the wisdom they bring!

Don’t wait now; these owl mugs are soaring off the shelves.

Bring home the whole owl family with free worldwide shipping. We even offer a 60-day money back guarantee if these adorable guys don’t complete your mornings—though we’re certain they will!


George (Red), Henrietta (Blue), Gretchen (Chocolate), Tito (Gray), Set of all 4


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